How to verify whether an academic Certificate is genuine


Do you suspect that your certificate or that of your employee is not genuine? Or perhaps you would like to know the equivalence of a qualification. Then it is time to visit the Kenya National Qualifications Authority

Who verifies certificates in Kenya?

The Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA) coordinates and harmonises the various levels of education qualifications taken either in Kenya or abroad. KNQA maintains a database of all qualifications in the country as set out in the Kenya National Qualifications Framework (KTNQF) act no. 22 of 2014. It became operational in 2015 and it is here that one can apply for a qualification to be equated

What does KNQA do?

  1. Development National Qualifications Policies.
  2. Development Accreditation System.
  3. Develop A System for Assessment of National Qualifications;
  4. Inter-relate and Link Stakeholders.
  5. Maintain the National Qualifications Database.
  6. Facilitate Linkages, Credit Transfers and Exemptions.

How to get a qualification Equated

The Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA) undertakes  Equation of qualifications awarded by Foreign Universities and Qualifications awarding bodies in accordance with Section10 (1) of KNQF Regulations 2018.  All applications must be done on the KNREV Portal:

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