Outdoor Activities

“Everybody’s talking about people breaking into houses but there are more people in the world who want to break out of houses.” -Thornton Wilder, writer (17 Apr 1897-1975)

Kenya has a rich repertoire of things one can do outdoors. There are attractions for the sportive kind looking for outdoor adventure, there are luxury safaris for those seeking less vigour. Besides, it is endowed with fine weather all year round. Be it backpacking, riverine walks, undulating hills, horseback rides, sunrises and sunset, bird – watching, swimming, nature walks, cycling, game drives or wilderness trekking, sandy beaches,  a beautiful of landscapes, birds, plants, and fascinating cultures  Kenya has it all.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast or need an occasional one off outdoor excursion for a new experience, this website will guide you on how to get there. You will find one day excursion, longer excursions require camping or hotel lodge and mostly budget travels

But perhaps your fancy is not in our list. In that case feel free to send us a word and we shall do a research for you.

But don’t take my word for it. Visit the places and try them out.

Where the services are offered by the government, they are quite affordable. Moreover you don’t need to wait until you can make a large group of friends. There are many groups organising schedule excursions around the country. You only need to search online and join in but read the reviews of those who have used them.

But don’t take my word for it. Visit the places and try them out.