Brooding temperature

One of the greatest chick killers is the low temperature during breeding. A chicken chick will develop pneumonia within hours of being exposed to low temperatures. When you receive your day old chicks make sure their room is well heated and that they don’t get wet.

What then is the correct brooding temperature?

Between 1 and 3 days maintain a temperature of 29 to 31 degrees in the brooder.
Between 4-10 days lower the temperature to 28 degrees.
Between 11-15 days reduce the temperature lower to 26 degrees. Between 16 to 21 days lower the temperature to 24  to 22 degrees.
After 28 days (4 weeks) heat the brooder only if the room temperature is falling below 22. After 4weeks, chicks can generate enough heat to keep the brooder warm.
NB: Coldest time of day is 4 am to 5 am

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